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Analogue vs Digital – What Will Your Attendees Responding To?

Analogue vs. Digital

Living in Silicon Valley puts us at the root of digital technology. The home of the iPhone, the birthplace of social media and the rise of personal convenience with apps to pick up ones dry cleaning or deliver just about anything and to save time – which is priceless. How desensitized are we becoming to digital as a commodity? When looking at accommodating the approach to attendee engagement, how does analogue vs. digital rate in catching attendees' attention?

There are definitely times that a hands on activity, a visit to the museum, the experience of going to a movie versus watching one at home are more engaging. In the event space, how do we gauge when to apply convenience and how that affects our attendees at events and their experience?

The most effective way to continue to engage attendees is to move the focus off of cool factor and keep goals for engagement on connection. The overarching goal for attendees is to find meaningful connection, keep them coming back for an experience they can’t find outside of the event space. This also applies for virtual events, events that don’t have to be face-to-face.

As the event organizer, the most important setup is to keep attention on how to continue to create meaningful experiences that influence quality leads in personal or business events. The future of events is less about cool factor or big budget ideas and more about the quality of the connection with other attendees.

Leading with a strategic structure around attendee engagement will always secure that attendees are getting a quality experience at your events and out of the weeds on tactics and tactically approach. Take the time to whiteboard out the attendee experience and make sure that no matter the idea, whether it is digital or analogue, creating a meaningful connection must be key in planning for a successful event.


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