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Experiential Marketing Event Trend Highlight: Capturing Content

Experiential Marketing Event Trend Highlight: Capturing Content

Event organizers often go back and forth on determining how much budget should be spent on capturing events. With current trends moving toward authenticity and more honest marketing tactics, we’ve noticed a shift on attendees wanting to revisit events they have attended. Here are a couple of things we’ve seen on the experiential marketing event trend highlight: capturing content.

Events are becoming more earnest, raw, and increasingly focused on attendees. Previously there was a lot of focus on sponsors as that is where the big budgets were stemming from! In 2019 events have to assume the attendee is intelligent and speak to them instead of a high paying sponsorship. Take a look at Nike supporting Colin Kaepernick throughout protest of the American flag and values that need to change. This is a great example of a unique and honest marketing tactic. Nike chose to sponsor the idea of equality by supporting their chosen athlete. This resulted in brand loyalty of consumers that also support equality. This type of raw and unpredictable outcome at events brings more need to capture the event and results of the event.

The biggest take away from capturing more content is the ability to use that unique content for marketing. Video content in the form of interviews, raw footage, artistic takes and b-roll all can turn into creative ideas. Photographic and pure audio content capture are also in demand in terms of creative take away and for strategic audit purposes. To spark more ideas on how to get creative in capturing content, take a look at these ideas presented by CVent.


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