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Experiential Marketing Event Trend Highlight: Transparency

Experiential Marketing Event Trends

In experiential marketing and in events throughout event marketing, the events creative theme has often been considered a main hook to gaining attendee interest. The theme of an event has gone from whimsical party themes such as Alice in Wonderland or a creative interpretation of the seven deadly sins to themes that are more industry specific. In tech a popular theme is data or analytics in the form of an art installation.  

In current events, an increasingly popular topic is transparency. Most Americans are looking for more authenticity when being marketed to. Consumers and event attendees are looking for an experience that makes the assumption that the attendees are intelligent and the voice from the experience treats the attendee as equal in intellect, gender and ethnicity.

There are many creative ways to be transparent with objectives and goals. If attendees are being tracked, a great way to share the tracking would be data visualization to share information and scale being captured. If there is a root intent, attendees would appreciate that intent being shared instead of hidden behind a big display. There’s an increasing need for transparency, however it doesn’t have to be boring!

Transparency can lead to an increased focus on shared goals of both organizer and attendees. Collaboration and solidarity organically emerge out of a genuine and clear approach.

The best way to capture an authentic approach to your experience is to seek opinions and develop a program from an expert group. Brainstorms are great for drumming up ideas and implementing creative ways of making transparency creative.


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