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How to Build the Best Promotional Swag Bags

Swag bags showcase unique creativity.
Swag bags showcase unique creativity. Image by

Sending your guests home with an unforgettable swag bag is a creative way to spice up your event and make their experience complete. Swag bags send a message to those who receive them and it is important that your particular business is represented positively when they are opened. Your guests should feel as though they have taken home a little piece of the party with them which, in turn, increases the likelihood of them using your services again in the future. Swag bags are great for building positive rapport with clients and add a personal touch to show you are invested in going the extra mile for your business.

Filling Your Swag Bag

Your swag bag should be full of unique memorabilia regarding your event. Aim to make sure each product can be useful in everyday life so that they can be enjoyed more than once. In doing so, the contents of the swag bag will serve to constantly remind your guests of your event services far after they have left. Take your audience into consideration when deciding which items to fill your swag bag with. Make sure your items relate to the event. For example, if you are hosting a marathon event, reusable water bottles may be a great idea. Sweat bands, stopwatches and power bars would also be relevant. If you are hosting an event near the water, you may want to include products like sunglasses, tanning oil and tote bags. Guests get to reuse these products and will be reminded of your event each time they do.

If your event is of a more sophisticated nature and your guests have fanciful taste, you may get even more daring when it comes to filling your swag bag. Again, your swag bag should relate to your event. You may up the ante by adding products like flasks, make up for her, USB chargers, perfume or cologne, etc. Always match your products to your audience and setting. Perhaps you are hosting a charity banquet and wish to add raffle tickets in your swag bag. Play to the advantages of your guests’ interests by involving ideas that will resonate with their preferences. Get to know your crowd beforehand to determine the best products to add to their swag bags.

Add your logo to your products to solidify the brand you are advertising.
Add your logo to your products to solidify the brand you are advertising. Image by

Universally Useful Products

Some universal products that are typically a safe bet for all types of events are labeled mugs, pens, notepads, coupons, clothing items, key chains and shot glasses. These items are all collectable and can be utilized by guests of all different generations daily. Put some thought into your decisions when filling your swag bag. Think of the items that you use every day. What would you like to receive? What may serve as useful to you in your own life? What products are in relation to this specific event? Are they wasteful or multipurpose? Determine how to fill them in comparison to the event. Do not forget to include products that can be used both on the spot at the event. Your guests will love multifunctional gifts to bring home.

Personalizing Swag Bags

The goal in personalizing a swag bag is to ensure that your guests will associate your event with a positive experience so do not hesitate to put forth the effort. Adding a custom thank you note for their attendance will also make a great impression. Depending on the venue of your event and the turnout of guests, you may consider personalizing some of your products with your guests’ names. Monogrammed tee shirts are always a hit and make your guests feel personally considered. It will have been worth the time it takes when your clients return. There are products that will prove universally useful in all events but adding personalized items shows even more thoughtfulness and dedication. Regardless of the size and venue of your event, working hard on your swag bags rather than filling them mindlessly will pay off in the end.

Interactive Items

Including interactive items that help your guests navigate through the event is a great way to bring your services to life. There should always be at least one interactive item in your swag bag that draws guests in to your event even more. When filling your swag bags, make sure that you are considering the entire experience of your event and not just the bag alone. Perhaps you’d like to set up a game for your guests to get to know each other and break the ice. You may include a puzzle piece in each swag bag and challenge your guests to connect the pieces by finding their match. Perhaps you want your guests to get to know each other. It may bring them together to write a fun fact about themselves and share it with someone else in attendance. You can include a blank piece of paper in your swag bag and instruct your guests to fill it out and swap them with another. Coupons that relate to the event are always successful in making your guests smile. If your venue is of larger size, you may include a map that logs each important station for them to try out. You may include lists of activities to complete by the end of the event. You can include scavenger hunts, games and guides. An interactive brochure detailing your event is sure to set your guests up for getting the most out of their day. You will notice that the more effort you put in, the more you will get out. It is all about the small stuff!

Branding your Business

Every event you host should represent your event planning business as a whole. Though each particular event may be different in style, the overall result of your guests’ satisfaction should be the same. You will gain momentum when labeling every product with your brand. Guests will appreciate the added detail on each product and they will be brought back to their positive memories of your event each time they use them. Adding your brand name also brings a certain charm to your guests’ experience. Remember, your two main goals with each event are to host a successful one and build your reputation. Those two goals go hand in hand. Your business will come to mind later down the road when your guest may be asked for an event planner recommendation. Word of mouth can spread like wildfire when giving away products that are conversation starters. A simple compliment on a personalized mug may cause them to drop your name! The more people who know about your business, the quicker you climb to the top. Even if you are starting from the beginning, you will be surprised at how soon your clientele list lines up. For every product with your name on it, there is someone who will take notice of it. Make sure your products speak true to the message you would like to send about your business and that they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Your swag bags should be carefully constructed and thoughtfully planned- just like your event!

Have Fun!

Most importantly, your swag bags should be both fun and functional for your guests to enjoy both at your event and at home. Swag bags are the icing on top of the cake when it comes to event planning. They are the perfect way to thank your guests for coming and spark their interest in coming back. More than anything, your guests will appreciate the lengths in which you have extended yourself in order for them to have a great time. The more they enjoy themselves, the more likely it is that they spread the word. Creating a memorable experience goes a long way and swag bags are the best way to contribute to the success of any event!


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