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How to Plan Fun Things to Do with Friends

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If you have been caught up with work and other responsibilities, you may be in need of some quality time with your closest friends. If you are stuck in the rut of wanting to have fun but not knowing where to start… fear not! Here are some fun things to do with your friends that won’t break the bank.

Try New Restaurants

We all have a favorite place to eat that has become a staple in our routine when meeting up with friends. Switch it up! Choose a place you have never been before and order something brand new off the menu. Trying new things with friends is a great bonding experience and is sure to create amazing memories. Expand your palette and take on what a different culture has to offer or simply try that new restaurant that smells delicious every time you walk by. For the best variety, order a little bit of everything in sampler form and share it with your friends. No matter which place you choose, you won’t regret opening your mind to new food.

Take a Weekend Away

Spending a weekend away can be refreshing and recharging. Grab a couple friends and take a road trip together. Spend some time researching vacation spots near you and dedicate your weekend to traveling. Make sure it’s a place you all agree on that will offer plenty activities to do in a short amount of time. If you have the ability to expand your vacation into a 3 or 4 day getaway- look up affordable plane tickets and head somewhere even farther if you so choose. Traveling with friends and being in a new atmosphere may be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Plan your trip around the potential expenses and be sure that everybody is accommodated according to their financial means. Choose a place with activities that all with enjoy. Designate shifts for driving, playing DJ and planning itinerary. (Prepare the road trip playlist before you leave.) Most of all, have fun!

Sign Up for a 5k Together

Whether you are a top-notch runner or just enjoy the outdoors, signing up for a marathon with your friends is an unforgettable experience. There does not have to be a finish line! Simply enjoy the time and exercise. Pack a big bottle of water and healthy snacks to keep your momentum going. Running a marathon is even more motivating when you have somebody there encouraging you every step of the way. Going with a friend means never falling to the back of the pack because you and your friends can vow to stick together before you begin if you enjoy yourself, you might even end up turning running with your friends into a regular occurrence. If a 5k feels daunting and you do not run regularly, find a shorter marathon to start. You will feel accomplished when you finish, and you will be glad you chose to run together.

Have a Spa Day

You can plan a spa day with your friends either at a professional establishment or right at home! Of course, we all love a good massage and facial, but if you would rather save the money you can host your very own spa day with products you already have. Amplify your favorite skin care routine and teach your friends the secret tips and tricks you’ve been waiting to share. Take out the nail polish and paint each other’s nails. Set out towels and bath robes, place cucumber slices over your eyes and apply your favorite face mask. Light some candles and relax with your friends while having conversation and catching up with them. Relaxing with friends while having a spa day is the best way to unwind and let go of all your stress. Your friends will thank you for the invite!

Host a Potluck

Potlucks are fun for testing your creativity and cooking skills. Talk with your friends about the types of food, beverages and snacks they prefer to enjoy at the potluck and assign each friend a dish to bring. Potlucks are a fun and personal way to bond with your friends over a meal. There is a special touch that comes with making your own dishes and sharing them with friends that will always be more memorable than store bought food. Remember that your dish does not have to be perfect. You are cooking for your loved ones and they will appreciate the time and effort you took to make them smile. Sit back and watch how your potluck dinner comes together and enjoy the laughs with your friends along the way.

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Tour Your Own Town

Yup. You can be a tourist in the town you pass through every day! You would be surprised to discover how many lovely shops and markets you can miss when you aren’t looking. Choose a charming town local to you and your friends, park your car and explore for the day! Start with a nice walk after breakfast, work in some window shopping and land upon a lunch spot together. Each town has its own personality, you just have to set aside the time to see it for yourself. You might even end up finding a new favorite coffee shop! Your friends will never forget the day you spend enjoying your town and you will experience it in a new light you’d never seen before. Keep an open mind! You can also dedicate the next time to a different friend’s home town. There is always more to explore right under your nose.


Choose a charity that you and your friends are all passionate about and find out when and where you can help out through volunteering together. There are fun ways to incorporate charity work into your day. You can host a bake sale, or a lemonade stand just like when you were kids and donate all the money to The American Red Cross or simply spend the afternoon at a soup kitchen. You and your friends can go through all of your belongings and help each other decide what to give away. You can each choose a different charity and contribute to all of them. The more friends the better. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to volunteering and it all comes down to your favorite pass times. A day of fun with your friends that ends with donating your time to a cause important to your heart will always leave you with great memories that you will never forget.

Attend a Paint and Sip Event

Paint and sip events may seem intimidating, but they end up being an extremely fun time. Bringing your friends to a paint and sip studio is sure to create a night of laughter. Believe it or not, the least experienced you are as an artist the better. Find a class near you and bring a bottle of wine. You will be provided with a smock and all the necessary art supplies at your station so don’t worry about bringing them along. You’ll be given an assigned canvas, so you’ll want to arrive early enough to grab a seat next to your friends. Pour up a glass of wine and let the fun begin! There will be a teacher in the front of the studio guiding you step by step. Do your best but don’t forget to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake along the way! At the end of the night, you’ll have created a beautiful piece of art and wonderful memories with your friends.

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Create a Friendship Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is the best way to make sure you are making the most of life and who better to set goals with than your very best friends? Setting goals is the easy part. Sticking to them can prove difficult. When you create a friendship bucket list, those goals will not only be more easily met but you will enjoy yourself doing them! This can range from more serious goals like health, fitness, weight loss and cleanses to more carefree goals like attending more concerts and making it to the beach more often. Perhaps you want to travel together. Maybe you want to binge a series together. No matter your goal, setting up a friendship bucket list is a sure way to enjoy achieving new things and embracing your time with one another.

Setting aside time to enjoy quality bonding with friends is a necessary part of life. Discovering fun activities enhances that time together and lets your friendships flourish while teaching you new things along the way. Consider your friends’ likes and dislikes when making suggestions and bounce ideas off of each other in order to determine the perfect activity that suits your group. Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and cherish the time you spend with your friends. Get started on memory making!



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