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Naturally Build Your Attendee Base by Community Building

Community Buildig

In every aspect of American life, the trend is pointing toward gathering like-minded people to push topics forward. In the political landscape, in building huge products that touch many industries and even hobbies or personal enrichment, community building is playing a key part in how we change our day to day landscape.

There used to be the word, “influencer” this originally meant getting someone of influence on board to promote a product that they believed in. If we look back through history, this word stems from activist culture in America, to advocate. To influence something is to advocate for a belief. Advocating was built out of a need to make change.

We once again as a nation see an opportunity to advocate for what we hold dear. In the event space, we see this translate to adding community building to gain attendees. In partnering with like-minded groups, event organizers and attendee base, we see an advantage to building community to advocate for the type of event we want to drive toward. Events on their own can grow organically or through strong marketing campaigns and an event that has a following can share or advocate another event base and double their following. Opening up to community building allows for accelerated growth in attendance and reach.

What does community building require? Start small and try something manageable, reach out to other groups and ask if they want to partner. Think about how you can impact the areas around you by promoting one another. Try to have fun with it! The most important part of building a strong attendee base, is having a shared point of view, think of this as an opportunity to drive that point of view or theme home.


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