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Networking Events, Ideas on How to Capture Unique Attendees

Networking Events

The concept of a networking event, depending on the age demographic, can seem forced. Over time most people that have a passion or primary business focus will find that networking events are very helpful to find out about industry resources, connect with like-minded people and learn about new trends. If you are an event organizer looking to capture unique attendees, start with a solid plan for gathering attendees.

Determine what type of attendees will add the most flavor to your event and put together a list of those qualities including age, hobbies/habits, gender and any unique qualifiers that you can think of – this is best done in a think tank or creative brainstorm setting to gather multiple opinions. Once that is complete, label it as your audience persona, this persona will serve as an audience qualifier when determining deliverables and creative ideation that will fit your event.

Create three categories: registration and attendance, entertainment and event experience and attendee incentive. Every ideas that is thrown out in the brainstorm will be categorized into one of these three categories and determined if it fits the audience persona. The second step is to partner with a production expert to establish of the ideas are feasible in time and budget. Once the ideas are qualified, they can be presented back to the client and applied to the event. This allows ideation to be governed by parameters that will insure the creative produces results for unique attendees based on the type of audience you want to capture.

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