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Special Events, What Makes an Event so Special?

Special Events

Terms such as special events are so overrated these days! What makes an event special? How can an event organizer set their event aside from other monumental life changing events? Here’s a simple guide on how to capture your audience and dial down the over stimulation of buzzwords.

When determining the impact of your event divide your attendee interests into three section:

  • Event size: Are you targeting a large amount of people of a small amount of targeted attendees?

  • Event content: What will attendees get at your event that they can’t get on their own?

  • Event staying power: How will attendees benefit post-event from your event?


Determining how many attendees you want and what the quality of the event is will be deciding factor on many levels of production. From the attendee point of view, a small event can mean quality connection and an opportunity to absorb more. A large event can be effective in scale and many people contributing at one time. Making sure to target your attendee pre-event will help determine what type of “special” you are offering your attendee. Is it quaint and concentrated? Are we offering mass crowds with a shared mission statement?


Once of the biggest mistakes in 2018 was not being sensitive to the overarching trends on wasting resource or fluffing up casual topics. Attendees are screaming for authenticity and this means that a huge spend on brand names or artists aren’t necessarily the right capture if the content doesn’t map back to a topic that the attendee base cares about. Attendees are less interested in being marketed to, more attendees are curious about what their peers care about and how to connect to like-minded people rather than just going to the high priced Beyonce concert to snap that live feed. Attendees still want to go to the Beyonce concert however they will spend on the concert of the values that Queen B stands for, values that map back to what attendees can identify with rather than spending on the high priced ticket to snap that selfie.


Think more about how your event can live on after the live date passes. Is there a way to capture the event and have it live on? How can you continue the conversation with attendees? How can attendees continue to contribute to the content from the event in a way they can identify with? Discerning these points will give the event staying power long after the event is over and create a unique following that can turn into a pre-event campaign for next time!

Taking a look at how special events can stay special starts with taking the point of view of the attendee and tailoring process, creative and production to the attendee in a meaningful way. Happy Planning friends! Make PLANS with friends on Plans App.


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