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The Best Travel Apps for Planning on the Fly

travel apps

Spring is in the air and thoughts of travel are on the mind. What’s the next three day weekend? Maybe planning for something bigger? Whatever the itinerary looks like, here are some super helpful travel apps for any destination with internet.

Make sure you have access to the interwebs!

Before your trip always check with your mobile carrier and make sure to install the find mobile hotspot option associated with your carrier. This is PRICELESS! If your carrier doesn’t offer any suggestions, please check out these wifi hotspot apps for iOs and Android.

Destination set, now what to do on arrival?

Usually in transit to my vacation destination I start to get excited about planning what we are going to do! I’ve found that my most accurate resource is TripAdvisor. It doesn’t matter if your taking a 5 Star trip or a backpackers trip, the search and filter options take care of any type of travel ask in the realm of things to do. There are very good review and detailed information that paints a good picture of most destinations. Get the TripAdvisor app.

Local Favorites

It’s always a challenge figuring out the “touristy” local cuisine from the resident favorites. I actually tend to like to tryout both options but hey, that’s just me! Find what to eat by this old classic, Yelp. Yelp is adopted by every city I’ve ever visited internationally. Locals chime in and travelers share their thoughts from an outside perspective. TripAdvisor and Google are also good comparison tools but when it comes to meals or local favorites, Yelp contains the most local reviews of the options out there, especially in finding your next killer meal. Find the Yelp app here.


Believe it or not, Uber has launched in most major cities. It’s important to check on local transit options such as getting to and from the airport, is there a transportation card to travel subways or local bus system and are you visiting a location that suggests a guide or renting a car/motor scooter for hire. When in a pinch call an Uber. I’ve been lost countless times, missed my tour bus and been out past the last subway train – Uber or a taxi will come to the rescue. If you prefer taxi, I’d suggest Curb app, it is still new to many cities but instead of a service like Uber that employes drivers that don’t follow taxi city regulation, this service allows city regulated taxi’s to tap into the service. The best part about using any type of local car service is finding the drivers favorite local spots, check out Curb app. if you like to walk around and explore I’d also make sure to have google maps locked and loaded, getting lost sucks but knowing you can get yourself back from any situation keeps the fun times rolling.

Most of these travel apps also have websites, it’s important to have resources that don’t solely rely on mobile service. When traveling, there isn’t always an option for app service.

Happy travels friends, get out there and MAKE PLANS. Do some fun things in real life!


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