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There’s an App for That? a Review on a Free Stuff App or Two That Will Make Your Life Easier

Free Stuff App

Of course there is an app for that! More often than not the idea of “the app” is associated with a 'fix all' mentality. For good reason, as most apps are developed with the idea of making ones busy life, easier.

Apps started out a necessity to accommodate our smartphones and through the development of Cloud-based solutions, they have exploded into sort of a catch-all. For the sake of sanity and because it’s still January and most readers are looking for a way to streamline life, we’ll narrow down the, 'there’s an app for that' phrase to things we think will get you a return. That means a review on a free stuff app or two and other things that save you time and money, all options that made the list are available on iOS and Android.

Do you enjoy the thrill of small wins? If your IG feed is boring and you’re all caught up on your daily rabbit hole on reddit, spend a few minutes playing while waiting and it could be worth it. The scratchy app allows you to select brands, play to win prizes from the brands you select and you could win gifts to major brands and retailers. The more you play, the more opportunities you have to win. I won $50 to spend at Whole Foods while researching this post – cha-ching!

I’m a sucker for watching shows about saving money. I’m always so jealous when the camera spans the stockpile for the viewers to soak in, however the thought of carrying a binder and taking forever to checkout at the register is mortifying! After reviewing a few apps that promise coupon saving, we thought Checkout 51 was the most user-friendly and integrate with apps like Shopkick and other shopping reward apps.

Checkout 51 offers actual cash back, you have to scan the receipt within a reasonable timeframe. Grocery shopping is a necessity, it seems reasonable to reinvest the savings into more groceries in a more economical way. If you double up with Shopkick or Ibotta, you could earn double rewards back on necessities.

The Ibotta app is a practical get stuff for free app for the average busy person. One can earn cash back on groceries, Uber rides, Amazon purchase – to any brand or retailer that subscribes. You can earn two easy ways, either shop through the app or take a photo of receipts and upload to the app.

For someone that’s spending around town, it just takes incorporating the habit of the Ibotta app when purchasing. Major perk, you can get an instant cash payout from PayPal or Venmo!

* Penny Hoarder is offering a $10 welcome bonus if you signup throuhg their link. Download Ibotta

With the invention of the smartphone, everyone has the ability to frame up a photo at any moment. You could earn money for the photos you think are quality on Foap. List your photos in the marketplace and if someone purchases the license, you’ll earn 50% of the purchase price.

If you enjoy taking photos and they just take up precious memory, this is a great opportunity to see if you can score some extra cash. The cash out method is paypal.

Apps that can save you time on mundane tasks are priceless, to be an expert one must keep up with the times. This means taking the time to keep up with daily news, industry insights, the global economy, trends, – you name it. There is a ton of research to be done on a weekly and even daily basis. Feedly compiles news, content from sites that you’ve curated into one feed or interface, putting control back in your hands. You can save articles, posts and photos to archive or catch up on later.

Often while shopping I think, I bet I can find this online for less… the RedLaser barcode scanning app helps you immediately search nearby stores as well as the internet for a price comparison. You can set-up alerts to notify you when something you are searching for goes on sale. Think of it as a retail assistant, spending countless hours scouring the internet for an item you.

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