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Top 11 Silicon Valley Events You Don't Want to Miss

Silicon Valley has been considered the tech capital of the U.S. for decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The global center for technology and innovation is the go-to for the media and high-tech corporations, so it can be a challenge to stay on top of its trends. Did you know that Silicon Valley holds one third of all venture capital investment in the U.S.? More and more high-tech businesses and startups are being developed in the Valley, and it was here that the microprocessor and microcomputer were invented. We’re here to give you insider information on the top ten Silicon Valley events worth going to right now.

Some of the most important decisions and progress regarding business culture and the environment are made at Silicon Valley events. Here’s how you can get in on the action.
Some of the most important decisions and progress regarding business culture and the environment are made at Silicon Valley events. Here’s how you can get in on the action. Image by

1. Silicon Valley Tech Fair

You’ve probably heard of the annual Silicon Valley Tech Fair. This year, it’s set to be the largest tech fair in the U.S., boasting over 50 exhibits and 2500 attendees so far. The fair is free for all attendees, and it’s open to a broad range of tech companies in fields such as AI, healthcare, education tech, AR/VR, real estate, marketing, business development, customer relations, venture capital services, and many more. (When we say many more, we mean many). SVTF is the perfect Silicon Valley event for companies to promote their brand and meet potential employees, customers, partners, and investors. It’s an ample networking opportunity for students and people who are otherwise new to their field and want to establish relationships with top-rated companies.

Exhibitors get a spacious booth with tables and chairs to display open job positions and free giveaways. They’re given space and time to talk to potential hires, customers, and partners, so SVTF is as great a networking opportunity for companies as it is students. An added bonus is that all tech companies are included in this event’s promotional email agenda. The promotional emails will include information about each company’s products, services, and open positions. These emails are distributed to thousands of tech professionals, so this Silicon Valley event is full of potential for new businesses. SVTF is happening on July 27th this year, so get your tickets now and make the most of this opportunity.

2. Silicon Valley Invention Festival

The Silicon Valley Invention Festival brings some of the most creative minds in the world together, and invites you to join them.
The Silicon Valley Invention Festival brings some of the most creative minds in the world together, and invites you to join them. Image by

From June 24th- 26th, Silicon Valley is hosting a unique event in which inventors around the world will have a chance to commercialize their state-of-the-art inventions. The chance to publicize innovative works could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for inventors who want to put their innovative works on the market. If you’re like most of us and haven’t invented any cutting-edge technologies or services as of lately, you still won’t want to miss the Silicon Valley Invention Festival. Participating in this trending Silicon Valley event gives you a chance to interact directly with representatives of established, well-known corporations from Santa Clara and the rest of Silicon Valley. You’ll also get the opportunity to increase your brand visibility by participating in a diverse range of seminars, panel discussions, and presentations.

What we love most about the Silicon Valley Invention Festival is the rare chance to interact and glean valuable insights from creative minds from all over the globe. Many people attend the festival to talk with industry reps and manufacturers, gleaning new information and perspectives from innovative experts. Familiarizing yourself and building relationships with industry professionals and manufacturers can help make your brand better and more visible on the tech market. In other blog posts, we’ve discussed in depth the importance of obtaining sponsors and partners that are right for your brand. We know that sponsorship is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Participating in Silicon Valley events like this one exposes you to a diverse range of potential sponsors and partners.

We probably don’t even need to say that Silicon Valley Invention Festival is a media hotspot. Simply by showing up and talking to different companies and exhibitors, you’re putting yourself and your brand in the limelight. Silicon Valley events like SVIF gives you various opportunities to gain international recognition from television, radio, and print media.

This event is hosted by International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA) and Geneva’s Exhibition and Congress Center. Those are only two of the hundreds of big names associated with this event, so it holds major networking potential for new and established brands.

3. TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s Archduke

Calling all of those who love history and theater! TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s Archduke combines both in a darkly humorous look at the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914. But it’s not just an account of history- we’ve been there, done that with countless other eclectic theater performances in the Bay Area and beyond. No, this show is unique because it looks at the present through the lens of the past. What do we mean by that? Well, the entire show asks whether one man’s actions, in a moment, change the course of a century? Whether this production ignites more questions or answers, we couldn’t tell you. But we’d love to find out, and you should, too! It’s happening this month and isn’t sold out yet, so if you’re interested, grab your last-minute tickets now.

4. American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure: Silicon Valley

Tour de Cure Silicon Valley is for everyone: You can walk, run, or ride at your own pace for a good cause.
Tour de Cure Silicon Valley is for everyone: You can walk, run, or ride at your own pace for a good cause. Image by

We all know that one person who is constantly running marathons for some cause or another. If you’re not a trained runner, you probably admire them from a distance but wish there was some other, less punishing charitable event you could participate in. Well, we’ve got one for you- and the whole family, too, whatever their ages. On June 21st, you can choose to tour Silicon Valley on foot by walking or running. You can also bicycle your way to the finish line. Tour de Cure is for people of all levels of cycling ability, and it’s not a race. It’s simply a fun way to get exercise with family or friends, and your $35 entry fee goes toward research for a cure for diabetes. The Tour de Cure walk will have well-marked cycling routes with safety vehicles and marshals. There will also be fully stocked rest stops where you can fuel up for the duration of your journey around Silicon Valley.

Tour de Cure is one of the best Silicon Valley events for families. It’s also not just a charitable adventure, it’s a way to celebrate the lives of people living with diabetes every day. Have fun while supporting the American Diabetes Association’s mission.

After you register, you’ll have access to your spot in the Participation Center. The Participation Center is basically your own personal fundraising hub. You’ll have a personal page to share your story (which can be as simple as wanting to help), along with mobile apps, email templates, and more. The American Diabetes Association wanted to make fundraising a quick and easy process for people on the go, and we think they succeeded. Register by June 21st and start walking (or running or cycling, depending on your preference).

5. Wellness Seminar: Breaking Up with Busy

Author Yvonne Tally is hosting a live event that focuses wellness and sustainability on a daily basis.
Author Yvonne Tally is hosting a live event that focuses wellness and sustainability on a daily basis. Image by

It might sound ironic to host an event that supports relaxation and meditation the fast-paced tech capital of the country, but then again, people living in a busy metropolis need to make a concerted effort to focus on wellness. This unique Silicon Valley event takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto. It consists of a guided meditation session with a Yvonne Tally, author of “Breaking Up with Busy: Real Life Solutions for Overscheduled Women”. We like that this seminar isn’t hosted by just another yoga instructor- it was designed for busy working professionals by a busy working professional. A woman just like everyone else in Silicon Valley who, by experience, found a time management formula that enhanced rather than depleted her health.

This seminar has the air of a luxury retreat, offering a live “clean beauty” tutorial that shows you how to use natural products to bring out your natural beauty. You will be taught exactly how to adopt a sustainable beauty and skincare routine that lets the beauty you were born with shine through. This part of the seminar will be hosted by Manon Pilon from Nelly De Vuyst Skincare. Guests will then be treated to a demonstrative discussion called “Benefits of CBD for Pain Management”, hosted by co-founder of Vital Body Therapeutics, Kelly Stole.

Last but not least, the seminar wraps up with a discussion on sustainable fashion, led by Sita Thompson of Sita Couture. We love that this event helps people learn how to prioritize wellness in a culture that generally values productivity over health. We were also excited to find out that this Silicon Valley event cares about the environment in an industrialized region. It turns out Silicon Valley is an ideal place for a workshop about wellness and sustainability.

6. Silicon Valley Comic Con

The annual Silicon Valley Comic Con is an iconic staple of pop culture in California, and this year’s event is set to be the biggest multi-genre convention in the state! The infamous culture and tech convention will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose. Lovers of comedy and genre TV of all kinds gather at this fun Silicon Valley event to share and enjoy comics, movies, art, and technology. As we’re sure you know, Comic Cons are constantly popping up on news feeds all over the country. Silicon Valley hoped to put its own unique stamp on the event with an emphasis on technology. While all Comic Cons feature an “artists’ alley”, Silicon Valley Comic Con features both an “Artists’ Alley” and an “App Alley” that showcases emerging technology items. This year’s event will feature actress Morena Baccarin, Jason Momoa of Aquaman and Game of Thrones fame, and Ben McKenzie of Batman. David Harbour, James and Oliver Phelps, and Lou Ferrigno will also make anticipated celebrity appearances.

Silicon Valley Comic Con is happening from August 16th-18th, so there’s still time to register. The list of artists to be featured in the “Artists Alley is yet to be announced but probably will be any day now, so stay tuned!

7. 2019 Silicon Valley Pride Festival

Silicon Valley Pride Festival and Parade is set to be the biggest GLBTQ event in the South Bay.
Silicon Valley Pride Festival and Parade is set to be the biggest GLBTQ event in the South Bay. Image by

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the Silicon Valley Pride Festival and Parade in South Bay. This annual event qualifies as the largest LGBT event held in the South Bay, and it’s also one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world! We love Pride because it manages to promote outreach and awareness while celebrating the diversity of the South Bay community. There is always a palpable sense of joy and unity in the air at any Pride event, but South Bay tends to party even harder in the name of pride.

We’re sure this goes without saying, but the Silicon Valley Pride Festival is for everyone. Yes, it’s a place where the LGBTQ community feels the freedom to express themselves openly and celebrates their journey in a society that has often been discriminatory. But most of all, it’s an event that promotes unity and harmony among everyone in the Silicon Valley community. However you identify and whatever your orientation, Pride is a chance to be part of a movement to raise awareness and promote equality. It’s a chance to advocate for the LGBTQ community, who has come a long way but still struggles against prejudices in this country. The best part? You can do all of this while having major fun.

The Silicon Valley Pride Festival has a little something for everyone. You can picnic all day, dance all night, rally, and sip cocktails. Entertainment activities include Hey Girl Stage and Sanctuary, High Tech Pavillion, Family Garden, food trucks, a beer and wine garden, and a cocktail lounge. We weren’t kidding when we said the Silicon Valley Pride Festival has something for everyone, including families with children.

8. ESC Silicon Valley

Techies, this is for you. A Silicon Valley event tailored to the evolving educational needs of tech professionals, ESC Silicon Valley takes place from August 27th- 29th. Guests will participate in an in-depth educational program that is designed intricately for the needs of modern embedded systems professionals. (If you don’t know what most of that means, you’re in the majority and should probably skip this one). But for many tech professionals, this event is an invaluable resource for information and knowledge of new or evolving systems. If you’re a student graduation or new to your field, you won’t want to miss this informative, cutting edge event.

During the program, you’ll have access to four tracks that focus on the latest in embedded software, embedded hardware, connected devices, and IoT. You’ll be an insider to some of the newest advanced technologies, giving you an edge over others emerging onto the scene of your competitive industry. The event will also feature technical tutorials that allow you to learn with demonstrative, hands-on methods. Some of the top electrical engineering experts in the world will be teaching you from the stage. Like in many other competitive fields, you can choose to be average or make your way to the top. This Silicon Valley event has the hands-on knowledge you need to become an expert embedded systems professional.

9. Home Technology Tour 2019

 It’s a tour of your home- through the lens of technology.
It’s a tour of your home- through the lens of technology. Image by

Today, home technology is more relevant than ever, and this Silicon Valley event is designed to help you make the most of it in your daily life. Actually, this year’s event has a special focus: to increase your knowledge, selection, and profits by educating you on the most current, in-demand home technology products. If you can practically taste the job opportunities, wait until you see the line-up of top-rated companies that will be in attendance: Sony, Samsung, AVPro Edge, LG, Definitive Technology, Atlona, DoorBird are just a few. Needless to say, this is one job fair that can open doors for newcomers to tech industry.

It goes without saying that so many things we do on a daily basis depend on technology. We attend events and talk about them online. We use voice assistants to learn more about products and services, and we schedule many of our daily activities and appointments online. We make friends and date online. Home technology is rapidly evolving and has been for the last two decades.

At this Silicon Valley event, you’ll also learn valuable skills such as setting up networks, getting the most out of your network, and using fiber. A Samsung Product Showcase will educate you on the latest Samsung models and how to use them. So whether you’re working in home technology, looking for a job, or simply interested in optimizing your personal home technology, this tour is for you.

10. Scaling Your Company in Silicon Valley and Beyond

This important Silicon Valley event is for anyone who has a startup business- or wants to start one and doesn’t know where to begin. It’s not just a lecture from key players in the Silicon Valley network of startups, so don’t start yawning. At this event, some of the most prominent, successful Silicon Valley startup owners provide you with actionable tips to take your business to the next level. It’s a free two-hour session that gives you the knowledge and tools you need to make your startup a wild success using today’s advanced, personalized technology. We love that it’s both cost-effective (read: FREE!) and saves time by packing a lot of information into little time.

During this session, participants will learn what to do with your investment once you obtain it, how to enhance your equity investment with additional capital, how to drive and scale growth, and how to handle legal and accounting matters pertaining to business. You’ll learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to promoting and operating your startup. This really is the ideal event for anyone looking to form a startup or give an existing startup the tools it needs for greater success.

11. Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2019

Let’s face it- preserving our natural ecosystems and slowing down deterioration of the environment is a business matter in this technologically advanced society. That’s why the Silicon Valley Energy Summit meets annually to make important, informed decisions about energy technologies and corporate practices. The summit is sponsored by Precourt Institute for Energy and is open to the public, who are invited to come take part in the discussion about Silicon Valley’s decisions regarding energy and the allocation of funds regarding the environment. Everyone who attends the event will have the chance to interact with more than 400 participants from the world’s largest IT companies, Silicon Valley startups, utilities, investment funds, government, environmental organizations, and research institutions.

Although technology has long been thought of as an enemy of the environment that most of us begrudgingly rely on anyway, we can’t make any real environmental progress without merging the tech industry with energy preservation resources. Technology has become a fact of life, and we all need to be informed about its effect on the environment and what we can do as a society to use our resources in the most sustainable ways to prevent further deterioration. When the general public attends this summit, they’re sending the government an important message: that the public wants in on government and corporate decisions that affect the environment. So we recommend that you make this one a priority if you can.

Now that you’re armed with a well-informed list of ten top Silicon Valley events, we wish you luck in whichever ventures you decide to pursue!


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