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Top 5 Bay Area New Year's Eve Events!

Happy almost New Year, San Francisco Bay Area! Take a deep made it through the last ten crazy years! It’s the memorable end of a decade, and the start of a brand new one. It’s a momentous occasion, so what are you doing to commemorate it? One of the things we love best about the Bay Area is its diversity, and that extends to its legendary New Year’s Eve events. As always, it’s hard to pick just ten to share. But here is our list of ultimate Bay Area New Year’s Eve parties. Whether you like your New Year’s Eve celebrations low key or fit for a local celebrity, our top ten has something for everyone.

1. New Year’s Eve 2020 Masquerade Ball

Have a show-stopping New Year’s Eve at the hottest masquerade ball in the Bay Area!
Have a show-stopping New Year’s Eve at the hottest masquerade ball in the Bay Area! Image by

It’s quite possibly the most exclusive super-event of the year. The Hotel VIA Rooftop and Lounge is hosting what has been called “the swankiest dance party the Bay Area has ever seen”. The Masquerade Ball is a real-life fantasy- in fact, we’d go just for the costumes! Whether your perfect New Year’s Eve look radiates sleek elegance or glamour and glitz, this party is your time to shine. Be the star of your own show and dance the night away to some of the hottest dance music of the last decade. And if that’s not enough reason to attend the premier New Year’s Eve event of the entire San Francisco Bay Area, the iconic views are absolutely magical. The Hotel VIA Rooftop is the ritziest rooftop in San Francisco, overlooking Oracle Park and the Bay Bridge. This year, the sky will be lit up by a spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks show!

VIP tickets will make guests feel like Hollywood royalty. As a VIP, you’ll be treated to only the best: Chef-quality appetizers, a sophisticated selection of premium cocktails, and four hours of an open bar. If you’re looking for an even more cosmopolitan experience, Cabana packages and bottle service options put the icing on the cake. This event has its finger on the pulse of glamour and excitement. Standard, VIP, and Cabana packages are all still available, so if you want a star quality experience, get yours now.


Dec 31st, 2019- Jan 1st, 2020

Hotel VIA

138 King St.

San Francisco, CA

2. The 7th Annual Moonlight NYE Fireworks Party Cruise on the SF Spirit Yacht

One of the liveliest, most luxurious NYE yacht parties in the Bay Area, this event lights up the sky- and your favorite iconic SF views.
One of the liveliest, most luxurious NYE yacht parties in the Bay Area, this event lights up the sky- and your favorite iconic SF views. Image by

If you like to do New Year’s Eve big, but don’t want the novelty and nostalgia of the holiday to be lost in a pulsing crowd of revelers, this event may be perfect for you. It’s been the most popular New Year’s Even yacht party in San Francisco for seven years, and it’s easy to see why. This isn’t just any standard yacht party: It’s held on a unique ship that boasts two spacious climate-controlled interior decks. (Leave it to the Bay Area to actually think about the future at the start of a new year. It’s one of the many things we love about San Francisco- there are never-ending ways to celebrate just about everything consciously, without skimping on any of the fun). In this case, you won’t be skipping out on luxury, either. The ship has a spacious design that allows for perfect views of the firework display over the bay. Iconic views of the magnificent Golden Gate Bay Bridge and historic Alcatraz make this party cruise a favorite among tourists, too. (Of course most Bay Area residents would proudly attest to being “local tourists”, as there are always new ways to rediscover this beautiful, bustling region).

We especially love this moonlit cruise for its versatility! For those who like their New Year’s Eve events bursting with sound, light, and energy, there’s a live DJ playing all the best pop hits and club bangers. For those who love the quaint elegance of New Year’s Eve on the bay, there is plenty of luxurious, open space to sip premium wine and take in the incredible views. The best part? If you fall somewhere in between those categories, you can alternate between the dance floor and the views all night long.

There will be an assortment of scrumptious appetizers and snacks to fuel you throughout the night. Waiters will be continuously circulating, attending to your every whim or craving. Or simply enjoy the open bar, which is available with all admission packages. At midnight, you’ll top the night off with a memorable champagne toast as the fireworks shimmer all around. Lit up majestically by fireworks, the San Francisco skyline is so picturesque, it belongs on a postcard. Okay, it is on many postcards, but there’s a reason for that. Whether you’re a tourist or have lived in the Bay Area all your life, the beauty of this scene is breathtaking.

And fortunately, you won’t need a postcard- the 7th Annual Moonlight NYE Fireworks Party Cruise is overflowing with Instagram-worthy moments!


Dec. 31st

8:30 PM- 1:00 AM

San Francisco Spirit, Pier 3, Hornblower Landing

San Francisco, CA

3. Love and Propaganda New Year’s Eve 2020

Spend your NYE with love...and propaganda this year! It’s the ultimate, glittering NYE celebration.
Spend your NYE with love...and propaganda this year! It’s the ultimate, glittering NYE celebration. Image by

For all of you hardcore nightlife lovers, this is one for the books- or, well, Instagram. This ultimate NYE party is going down at the hottest nightlife destination in San Francisco- Love and Propaganda. All that glitters really is gold at this one: There’s a five-hour premium open bar, and that’s far from the best news. Because Love and Propaganda’s NYE bash isn’t just a glittering night of club-banging and revelry. It’s also got novelty on its side, featuring cutting edge tech art masterpieces that will make you feel as if you’ve stepped out of reality and into an otherworldly fantasy.

Eclectic shapes are lit up by neon beams, making the atmosphere larger and brighter than life. Colossal, bejeweled chandeliers add glam factor to this one-of-a-kind NYE event. Among other fabulous features are black, tufted banquettes and a gold-studded bar. It’s a truly unique event that adds major aesthetic to your holiday.

Yeah, yeah, we’re getting to the music. Some of the city’s best DJs will be pumping out the ultimate party mix: Top 40, hip hop, and upbeat and moody house mixes that dazzle and hypnotize as bright lights melt over the dance floor. Do you like to end the year on a high-energetic note and go out in a blaze of hedonistic glory?


Dec. 31st- Jan 1st

9 PM- 2 AM

Love and Propaganda

85 Campton Place

San Francisco, CA

4. New Year’s Eve Flamenco!

Tis the season for...flamenco dancing on New Year’s Eve!
Tis the season for...flamenco dancing on New Year’s Eve! Image by

This star-studded NYE event features the famous San Francisco Flamenco Dance Company! It’s a colorful evening of performance and fun with family and friends- and it features some unique indulgences you won’t find anywhere else on New Year’s Eve. It’s all happening at The Thirsty Bear, an organic brewery that specializes in- you guessed it- delicious, premium brews of the best quality in San Francisco. For this special event, the Thirsty Bear will be treating guests to the best Spanish and California wines, as well as a variety of specialty cocktails. There will also be a complimentary cava tasting, and everyone is invited to indulge in a host of creative, authentic food pairings.

If this night doesn’t already sound delicious enough, wait until you hear the best part: There is no cover charge! However, reservations are recommended, as this one is filling up fast. We especially love it because it’s perfect for those who want to glam up their NYE while still making it a family fun night. It’s also an awesome way to infuse culture and entertainment into your evening. Hey, you might even the only one on your Instagram feed to have been at this unique event.


Dec. 31st

6-10 PM

The Thirsty Bear Organic Brewery

661 Howard St.

5. NYE Midnight Kiss Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Pinot Noir Yacht

Share a midnight kiss...or just a memorable champagne toast with the ones you love this year.
Share a midnight kiss...or just a memorable champagne toast with the ones you love this year. Image by

NYE is for lovers- duh. But this romantic midnight cruise is especially magical- a real dream come true for those who fancy a lovely, memorable evening away from the hustle and bustle of too many NYE parties. But that’s not all. It’s also the perfect party for people who do want to let loose on the dancefloor, but don’t want to deal with the crowds (not to mention parking issues and expenses on NYE). Don’t sweat the small stuff, because this two-day long cruise is more like a vacation than a night out in the city. You don’t have to miss out on the iconic city views, either- this cruise has really got it all.

And of course we should clarify: This quaint, scenic cruise is not just for lovers, but also a beautiful way to celebrate the end of a decade- and the fresh start of a new one- among family and friends. Whether you’re commemorating a special anniversary or chatting the night away with close friends a’la Sex in the City, the Midnight Kiss Cruise is for everyone! It’s got style, it’s got grace, and it’s got classic views of the San Francisco skyline. Best of all for many, it’s free of sweaty, throbbing crowds. We can’t think of a more picturesque setting for reminiscing with friends and family about the years past...and those to come.

Before the party animals reading this start to get antsy, take heart: There will be a huge dancefloor, and one of San Francisco’s top DJs will be playing hits all night long. Guests will have access to a four hour hosted bar, an assortment of gourmet desserts, and a champagne toast at midnight. By the time guests ring in the new year- and a new decade!- the party will be bubbling over with energy and excitement.

Take note: This two-day cruise will set out quickly! Due to Coast Guard regulations, seats are limited and fill up fast.


Dec. 31st 8:30 PM- Jan 2nd, 12:30 AM

Commodore Cruises and Events

2394 Mariner Square Dr.

Alameda, CA


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