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Trending in Plans: TIME

As the holidays begin to approach, we can’t help but notice… time. The clocks turn back, Halloween alarms us that the holidays are around the corner, traffic picks up the pace as school is back in full swing. Dare I mention… the tick, tick, tick of midterm elections.

Time is always so valuable during the holidays, it’s also a reminder of what’s really important. Family, friends, traditions and sharing things with those you are closest to! What a wonderful opportunity to connect in person. Find genuine reasons to take a closer look… at time.

As we head into the holiday season and a tense election year, time seems to be trending. It’s on everyone’s mind, how we use it, who we spend it with and how we value it. It’s as if time is a new form of currency weather it be a measurement of giving back to one's community, sweat equity in a start-up business or chosing to treat your family or close friends to the very American term “QT” – time seems to be on topic this sweet November.

What’s your PLAN? How will you treat your time or timeouts? I hope you chose to treat your time as valuable to you, I know I will!


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