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Using Meditation Classes to Increase the Quality of Your Daily Life

Meditation reduces stress and enhances mental clarity.
Meditation reduces stress and enhances mental clarity. Image by

Peace of mind can often feel intangible and it is easy to get caught up in the stressors of everyday life in the world we live in. Luckily, meditation classes are designed to accommodate the convenience of its goers with reasonable practices that can be fit in to any busy schedule. Every polished skill begins as an interest. Simply searching “mediation classes near me” will generate a list of local meditation classes that you can choose from. When deciding on what class is right for you, consider your goals and availability and location. For example, finding meditation classes in the Bay Area of California has never been easier. You can be on your way to achieving peace and reducing stress with the click of a button! It is important to do your research on different types of yoga and meditation before diving into your journey of reaping the benefits of each. Practicing yoga and meditation in any form will greatly increase the quality of your life. Here are a few mediation classes near me that may inspire your inner Zen:

1. Transcendental Meditation

Berkeley, CA

Transcendental Meditation is a facility located in the Berkeley, California that is centered around the effortless and attainable practice of transcendence. They focus on improving brain function and memory while reducing stress and anxiety. The concept of transcendence is to work around the practice of going beyond thought and transcending the surface of your mind in order to reach peak peace and creativity. Their website proudly displays reviews from The Mayo Clinic and evidence-based facts about the concept of Transcendental Meditation. They indicate the idea that anybody can achieve success in this form of meditation because there is limited thought control. This means that you are not confined to one train of thought and you are encouraged to embrace whatever it is that comes to mind. Treating negative thoughts with grace and welcoming positive thoughts plays a large part in the structure of transcendental meditation. There are instructors that can assist you in guided meditation just as most places will offer, but what makes Transcendental Meditation stand out is their belief that every individual can benefit from personalized, one on one practice. If you would rather work more intently with one instructor rather than a large class, meditation based in transcendence may be the right fit for you.

2. Yoga Garden

San Francisco, CA

Yoga Garden has been deemed the best yoga studio in San Francisco, California and for good reason. An establishment like Yoga Garden would be a great fit for somebody who is interested in furthering both their experience and education of yoga. They offer courses of basic yoga study as well as training courses which means that you can become a yoga instructor through their facility! Their main focus lies in community. They value keeping an environment that is full of like-minded people on the same journey toward physical health and well-being so this setting may be a match for somebody who prefers a judgement free zone with a sense of community support. If you are new to the Bay Area, trying out Yoga Garden may be the very push you need to become more acquainted with those around you while simultaneously mastering the art of yoga. A community centered yoga studio is a safe environment for growth.

3. Ocean Beach Yoga

San Francisco, CA

Ocean Beach Yoga offers a unique meditation experience because they provide numerous services within the realm of relaxation. They regularly host workshops for incorporating acupuncture treatments and even offer prenatal yoga that is regularly announced on their schedule. Their main goal is to consider all factors of health and overall wellness for every individual client. There is something for everybody in this type of establishment. If you are seeking a personalized experience that can target more than one area of your life, a yoga studio similar to Ocean Beach Yoga would be perfect for you. It lives up to its name making it hard to resist a beautiful, ocean front meditation experience.

4. Within Meditation

San Francisco, CA

Within Meditation advertises itself as a beginner friendly environment. There are courses that run morning, noon and night to offer the most convenient availability to new clients who are interested in learning. They offer uniquely themed classes including their popular Early Riser Meditation class that occurs in the early hours of the morning. They provide a half hour for members to sit in silence in the afternoon for reflection and they close their night out with an unwinding meditation class. A studio with wide open availability and plenty of time slot options is perfect for a busy bee who is seeking the opportunity to learn yoga and meditation at any time of the day without sacrificing your schedule.

Meditating with a group helps establish a positive habit of attendance.
Meditating with a group helps establish a positive habit of attendance. Image by studiomix

The Purpose of Yoga and Meditation

Now that you know how and where to find yoga and mediation classes near you, you should be aware of the benefits you will experience when you begin your journey. Getting to know the ins and outs of practicing meditation is necessary in order to fully embrace your inner peace and get the most out of your selected class. The main goal of meditation practice is to nourish a healthy body connection and align you on your path toward personal growth. Connecting the mind and body may seem difficult at first, but yoga and meditation require practice. Set realistic goals for yourself so that you can continue evolving in your mediation journey. Over time, you can master the art of mindfulness.

Types of Mediation

Yoga. Practicing yoga is a great way to solidify your meditation experience through grounding your body. Yoga is a combination of meditation and exercise. It is often the first step into understanding the mind and body connection because it combines mindful thinking with physical activity. Many people begin yoga as part of their fitness regime and end up discovering a deep love for it meditative benefits. Reaching new emotional depths while meeting new goals with your body is the perfect way to relate to support the mind-body connection. This also gets your endorphins pumping which aids in the general feeling of wellness and can significantly reduce stress. You can think more clearly when your brain is releasing the chemicals that interact with receptors that influence pain, calmness and joy. Practicing yoga also strengthens your flexibility and endurance so do not be surprised when you find yourself with a higher tolerance for exercise!

Yoga strengthens the core and improves posture.
Yoga strengthens the core and improves posture. Image by WebMD

Guided meditation. Guided meditation is beneficial to those who prefer themed affirmations in their meditation routine. Guided meditation is unique because there are both in person and online classes that you can try. Busy schedules do not have to get in the way of your mindfulness! Guided meditation is the practice of listening to an instructor guide you through an organized relaxation process. You should aim to achieve guided meditation in the position you feel most comfortable. It can be done anywhere from laying in your bed to the bus ride home. Visualization is a big part of opening your mind to peace so instructors will often describe a beautiful nature scene to establish a setting for your experience. There is theme based guided meditations that range from personal self-love and confidence to world peace. Symbolism is common in guided meditation. For example, you may encounter a meditation that requires you to imagine your younger self and embrace all of the loving qualities you can recall. Night time guided meditations may paint the mental picture of a beautiful starry sky. There are endless possibilities when practicing guided meditation and it boils down to what feels right for you. It is important to recognize that guided meditation is not meant for achieving perfection and that it is perfectly normal for intrusive thoughts to enter your mind during practice. A properly trained instructor will remind you to ground yourself and follow their voice. Guided meditation is a practice to be honed over time, not a means to an end. The skill of mindful meditation accompanied with sensory stimulating visuals is always a relaxing experience.

Breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are similar to guided mediation. It is a skill that can be done anywhere and anytime. Instructors will guide you through deep, intentional breathing. This form of mediation can take a lot of focus which surprises those who practice it since we are always breathing naturally. Natural breath is very different from intentional breath. Instructors encourage deep breaths from the diaphragm when practicing meditative breathing. There are forms of diaphragmatic breathing that can immediately disarm an anxiety attack. Instructors may tell you to lay in a comfortable position and place a hand on your stomach so that you can feel the breath entering and exiting your body. This gets you in touch with your body and aware of your breathing patterns. It is common to notice erratic breathing if you suffer from stress. The goal is to learn your own breathing habits and develop deep breathing so that you can practice in any situation. Again, symbolism and healing are common themes in any form of meditation. You will be told to breathe in while thinking about the positivity you would like to cultivate and breathe out all of the negative that no longer serves you. Breath awareness is a useful skill to have because it is incorporated in every area of mediation in some way.

Zen music. Listening to meditation music is one of the easiest forms of mediation there is. Select a playlist that speaks to you and helps you relax. What works for some is not always what works for others so it is helpful to try all kinds of Zen music. Most Zen music sounds similar to what you would hear at a spa. It is usually complete with calming instrumentals and nature sounds or a combination of both. This is another form of meditation that can be done in themes. Perhaps you’d like to experience the melodic flute sounds of Japan or take a virtual trip to the beach with sounds of seagulls and crashing waves. Piano ballads, African rainforest sounds, soft Hawaiian ukulele strumming are just some examples of musical themes.

Meditation is accessible to any willing practitioner.
Meditation is accessible to any willing practitioner. Image by


All forms of meditation have a common goal. They all possess the intention to influence the value of your everyday life through grounding and calming techniques. Enrolling in a meditation class can significantly reduce the stress by proving you with the tools to use when daily stressors come up. Meditation classes are a place to set your troubles aside and embrace your inner peace, but they are also a place to learn how best to handle life outside of the studio. Encouraging the body and mind connection takes practice just like any other skill. Mindful meditation increases emotional intelligence and awareness of patterns both healthy and unhealthy. Meditation is the home base in which you can create a life around. Knowing how to meditate can make all the difference in stress management. It contributes to obtaining a more meaningful, enriching life while improving your physical and mental health.

There is no down side to researching meditation classes near you and determining the bet fit that works for your life, preferences and schedule. You will never regret signing up for a meditation class no matter what form you try. You will find that your overall health improves over time as meditation becomes more natural. Who knows- you may even end up instructing a class of your own one day! Most importantly, remain patient with yourself and keep your mind open to learning new ways to perceive the life around you. If one class does not fit your needs, there are always more to try. Meditation is for everyone and your body and mind will thank you for beginning your journey of self-discovery, peace and gratitude.


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