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Using Projecting Mapping Software at Your Events

Projection mapping is a form of video projection intended to create advanced images by using light technology software. It is multifunctional but is most commonly used for amplifying the atmospheric venue of modern events while simultaneously marketing your business. Projection mapping software can be used on any surface as opposed to basic projection on a flat screen. You can adjust the projection to fit any surface or space and customize your image using your chosen virtual content. Set the ambience for your venue with projection mapping and create an event that none of your guests will forget.


Projection mapping is often used at concerts and festivals to generate a large turnout. This technology houses an exhilarating experience for attendees. Most concert venues sync their projections to music for a completely transient vibe. Concert goers are transported while they take in all the sights and sounds.

Projection mapping being used at a large-scale concert
Projection mapping being used at a large-scale concert. Image by Hello Endless

There is a high chance that you have experienced projection mapping even if you are not yet familiar with the term. The Cinderella Castle at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a perfect example of projection mapping. They change their projections based on holidays and current events in the theme park. The Empire State Building, The White House and The Sydney Opera House have used projection mapping to display patriotic, cultural and social support. Every projection sets a tone and sends a message. In relation to your event- what message would you like to get across to your guests? What does your business stand for and represent? Be sure that your projections align with the nature of your event and appears inviting.


The term “project mapping” is fairly new but the concept has been around since the late 1990s. Before that, it can be noticed in movies and referred to as “spatial augmented reality.” Witnessing project mapping gain popularity on major landmarks has been awe-inspiring to its viewers and inspired further development. As technology continuously moves forward, projection mapping follows suit and advances. Projection mapping is a growing industry and is constantly developing with new possibilities.

Using Your Logo to Advertise Your Event

Tastefully positioned logo projection
Tastefully positioned logo projection. Image by Illumene

Your logo will essentially advertise your event so using projection mapping to claim your event goes a long way. Not only does it help your guests locate your event, but it also instills positive reinforcement of your business. Take the opportunity to design a stand out logo for your projection and keep in mind that it will likely be photographed as the forefront of your event. You will want to make your mark and create a memorable event for your guests. Projecting a logo is perhaps one of the most useful and important ways you can use projection mapping.

Create a Unique Space

Wow your guests by creating a unique atmosphere for your venue. Projection mapping helps to open up the space without physically limiting the room. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the décor of your venue because light projection software adds all the character without the clunky space. Again, consider the personality you would like to come through with your designs and make it unique. You can stick to simple projection mapping designs like solid colors and use unique placement or get daring with a video sequence. Unlike furniture décor, holographic projection allows you the subtlety to make desired changes discreetly. You can adjust the mood lighting as the night goes on, change the colors or designs as the event unfolds. Projection mapping at your venue can be used to organize your event by activity to make the experience go smoother for you. Whatever you choose to do, make it your own so you stand apart from any competition and stand out in the eyes of your attendees.

Customize It Perfectly

It is important to pay attention to detail when working with projection mapping software. There are many factors that go into setting up your venue’s projections that require attention. You will need to determine the size of the projected needed. Do you need to cover a large-scale space in a landscape or building? If so, you will want to use a projector with 20,000 lumens output. For smaller scale indoor projection, like walls or tabletops, 2200 lumens output is adequate. Once you decide on the type of projector you will need based on your budget and needs, you will have to determine the type of projection you will use. Video projection is one of the more advanced usages of projection mapping software technology. You will need to decide if you want 2D or 3D quality. An example of a 3D projection would be adding shapes that appear to come to life off of the flat surfaces. Take functionality into consideration. You want your venue to remain walkable and not overwhelm your guests. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Where to Use Projection Mapping

Projection mapping on the face of a building evokes an inviting display to make an impression.
Projection mapping on the face of a building evokes an inviting display to make an impression. Image by

Most projection mapping will come down to whether you are working indoors, outside of your venue or both. Larger projections will be higher in budget but can cover many outdoor projection spaces like the face of the building in which you will be hosting your event, trees, large screens, parking lots and nearby landmarks. These are best for making your venue stand out as easily accessible for your guests to find. You know an event is going to be great when the host takes the time to set up inviting lights outside of the building! You can tastefully line your lighting up with the outline of the building or keep a simple logo on the front door all night long. Get to know the technicalities of your venue before setting up and planning where you will use projection mapping software technology. When you put the necessary work into studying the building and all that surrounds it, the perfect projection should fit perfectly onto the space and impress your guests. Hit the mark by putting forth the effort.

Projection mapping done on a wedding cake proves small projections make big statements.
Projection mapping done on a wedding cake proves small projections make big statements. Image by

While larger, outdoor projections are exciting, don’t forget about the smaller details that add up. There are many indoor uses for projection mapping. Light up the dance floor, mark the ceiling with awesome designs, or even paint the walls with projections. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You can also use more basic forms of projection like adding simple, iridescent lighting behind an ice sculpture for a breathtaking effect. Get really creative and use projection mapping on table tops to assign seats. Where will you begin?

Social Media Opportunities

Provide guests with designs worth sharing!
Provide guests with designs worth sharing! Image by

Projection mapping increases opportunities for publicity. The more your projections stand out, the most likely your guests will be to take and post photos onto social media outlets. You might consider adding an interactive feature to your projection designed specifically for photo opportunities. You can project the shape of a picture frame on the wall complete with a hashtag that will link the photo to your event. You can hire a photographer to capture the perfect photos for your event page and allow your guests to use their personal phones so they can easily upload their photos to social media afterwards. Make it a goal to spread publicity for your event. Creating an unforgettable venue encourages your guests to spread the word and share their experience with your future business clients. In turn, your next event will have an even bigger turnout because your guests will know that they can expect to be blown away.

There is a great deal to be learned about projection mapping software so be sure to do your research before proceeding with adding it to your venue. Take all your options into consideration and design an event that speaks to what you want your business to “project.” Don’t hesitate to get creative and dare to go bold. The goal of projection mapping is to promote your event and produce a distinguished venue for you and your guests to enjoy. Make the most of the technology in your hands as it is a resource that was not always as easily accessible. Choose designs that match up with your overall business and remember that every event that you host is a reflection of the bigger picture of your overall business (and your relationship with clients.) When making the decision of how to use projection mapping software at your event, stay in alignment with the event’s theme. If it is a casual, dress-down sporting event, you may want to stick to playful designs full of color. If you are hosting a black-tie charity gala, invest in statement designs that provide the venue a classy ambience. Weigh out all of your options and give yourself enough time to plan. Projection mapping software is a worthwhile expense that will speak to your guest before you get the chance to so put a lot of thought into your designs. Have fun above it all and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!



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